How to clean a Mr coffee tea maker?


Tea, like coffee, is not just a drink! If it is well brewed, it is an absolute miracle, life-giving infusion, art, and philosophy at the same time! It is also a ceremony in which there are no trifles. A special place in it is occupied by the vessel in which tea is prepared. Modern brewing vessels are made from different materials: porcelain, glass, metal, or earthenware. The buyer chooses the right one based on his preferences. But not everyone knows how to care for a kettle from Mr coffee properly. Disputes are often raised by the question of whether it is necessary to wash its inner surface. Let's figure it out together!
Substances used for cleaning
If the teapot...

The most widespread coffee in the world


Coffee has been one of the world’s most valuable export commodities for a long period. In the early part of the century,the coffee business flourished and by 2003 the annual trade had mounted up to $70 billion. Many sellers try to have a variety to offer but some of them only focus on one variety which is usually Arabica. In this article, I’ll tell you what other types exist and how to make ideal coffee in a pour over coffee maker.

They are so widespread as opposed to other kinds of coffee that the common misconception is that these are the only two types of coffee. Coffee Liberica and Coffee Excelsaare two other prominent names when it comes...


Glossary Of Coffee Terms

The straight coffee from the southern tip of the Arabian peninsula along the Red Sea in the mountainous regions of Yemen. This is the world’s oldest cultivated coffee and is distinguished by it’s full body and rich winey acidity.

One of the most admired washed coffees from Ethiopia. It is distinguished by its medium acidity and rich flavor.

The coffees from this country have a medium density, highly aromatic quality and lively acidity which ranges from citrus to berry-like. Straight coffee from Zimbabwe, best exemplified by the coffee of the Chipinga region. It is similar to, and ranked by many as second in quality only to...


Glossary Of Coffee Terms

The finest Ugandan Arabica, Bugishu, is similar but less admired than the finest Kenyan, Tanzanian, and Zimbabwe coffees due to its generally lighter body and less complex flavor.

Vacuum Filter Method
A method of brewing coffee in which the brewing water is drawn down through the ground coffee by means of a vacuum.

Varietal Character
The tasting term that describes the positive characteristics that distinguish a given coffee from coffees of other regions.

Pure, unblended, single-origin coffees from a particular country or geographical region. The name of a varietal often includes the estate name. As with wine...


Glossary Of Coffee Terms

This straight coffee from Tanzania resemble the coffees of Kenya but are less admired due to slightly lighter body and less consistent acidity. Arusha and Moshi are the most notable.

Considered the best of coffees from Sulawesi, Toraja is similar in taste to Sumatran coffees.

Turkish coffee
Is made by boiling finely ground coffee and water together in an ibrik, which is a long-handled, open, brass or copper pot. When done, it is poured directly into tiny demitasse cups, along with the fine grounds. The coffee is then allowed to settle before consumption. Spice and sugar are often added into the mix.


Glossary Of Coffee Terms

This coffee is one of the best coffees from Yemen. A medium-bodied, less acidic version of the standard Yemen style.

Santos, Bourbon
A high quality, washed coffee from Brazil that is usually shipped through the port of Santos. This coffee is usually grown in the State of Sao Paulo or northern Minas Gerais.

Seattle's Best Coffee
Seattle's Best Coffee is a specialty coffee retailer and wholesaler based in Seattle, Washington. It became part of Starbucks Corporation on July 14, 2003. Founded by Jim Stewart in 1968 as the Wet Whisker, an ice cream and coffee shop in Coupeville, Washington, Seattle's Best Coffee was known as Stewart Brothers Coffee...


Glossary Of Coffee Terms

The quality of fullness in flavor, body, and/or acidity.

A sub-optimal class of coffees from southern Brazil. They are characterized by their medicinal flavor caused by poor handling of the berries.

Roasting is a chemical process by which aromatics, acids, and other flavor components are either created, balanced, or altered in a way that should augment the flavor, acidity, aftertaste and body of the coffee as desired by the roaster. Roasting changes the chemistry and physical characteristics of the green coffee bean. The beans shrink about 20% by weight, and acquire the deep dark hue and aroma of coffee.


Glossary Of Coffee Terms

The thin crumbly paper-like covering that is left on wet-processed coffee beans after the coffee berries have had the pulp removed and the beans dried.

A small round or football shaped bean that is formed when the coffee cherry develops only one seed as opposed to the usual two. Peaberry beans are usually sold as a separate grade of the particular coffee.

Peruvian Chanchamayo
The best straight coffee from Peru, Chanchamayo is flavorful, aromatic, and mildly acidic. It displays the quality and characteristics of the best Central American coffees.

The cupped handle on an espresso machine that holds the...