This tasting term describes coffees that are complex, but where no one element overshadows the others.

An estate grown Santos coffee from Brazil.

Low-acid coffee from the Dominican Republic.

Considered the best coffee from the Dominican Republic.

Batch Roaster
A roaster that processes a set quantity, or batch, of coffee beans at a time.

A mixture of two or more types of coffee beans, often containing beans grown in different countries. A good blend will yield a balance of contrasting qualities for a complex, flavorful result.

Blue Mountain Coffee
Blue Mountain coffee beans come from the hills of the eastern end of the island of Jamaica. At 5,500 feet the land is thickly wooded and maintained as a Forest Reserve. Below this line, the terrain, the rainfall pattern, the Blue Mountain mist, and the overall conditions are blessed by God to be perfectly suited for the cultivation of the world’s most distinguished and delicious coffee; Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

Yet another important category used by professional tasters in judging coffee; body describes the sense of richness, heaviness, or thickness that a brewed coffee imparts.

An excellent Colombian coffee.

The botanical name of one of the varieties of Coffea Arabica, so named after the island of Bourbon (now Reunion) where it was first discovered. Several premium coffees are from this varietal stock.

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