One of several terms, also including gaminess and wildness, refering to the off taste caused by carelessly processed natural coffee.

Coffees from Ecuador are medium-bodied, fairly acidy, and predictable flavor. Ecuadorian coffee typifies Central and South American coffees.

El Salvador
Coffee from El Salvador is generally dependable but undistinguished. It has a good body and rather listless acidity and flavor.

Ellis Coffee Company
Ellis Coffee Company has produced truly distinctive coffees, teas, and other fine products since 1854. Over the years Ellis Coffee Company has become one of the largest family owned coffee roasters in the mid-Atlantic region, serving the area’s finest hotels, restaurants, and food service establishments. Ellis has developed a full scale specialty and gourmet coffee program featuring an extremely popular Impressions line of gourmet, flavored and espresso coffees, Mezzaroma gourmet coffee and the “New” Ellis Special Blend Round Filter Pack.

Is a strong, flavorful coffee brewed by forcing hot water through finely ground coffee beans. In Italian, espresso means “pressed out” or “express”. Espresso differs greatly from the common drip brewed coffee drink in its thick concentrated consistency, and robust flavor. Due to its potency, straight espresso (espresso served without sweetener or milk, analogous to black coffee) is considered by some to be an acquired taste, and is served in small amounts called shots. Many coffee aficionados order their single or double with a little glass of cold still water to clear the palate. Espresso is often used as the foundation for other drinks, such as lattes, cappuccino, mochas and many more. A key component in the flavor of espresso is a golden foam composed of oils, proteins, and sugars, called crema which floats on the surface.

Espresso Beans
Espresso is usually derived from a certain type of coffee bean; Coffea arabica commonly known as Arabica, but the other variety, Robusta, is also used in some espresso blends. Arabica beans are considered to be superior to the more common Caffea canephora (known as Robusta, which are typically used for filler in commercial drip brew coffee, due to their lower level of caffeine and acidity, and their higher amounts of flavor and aroma. The roast of the beans varies from dark to light, depending on the desired taste. For making espresso, the beans are ground very finely, unlike coarser drip-style grounds.

Espresso con Panna
Espresso topped with a dollop of whipped cream.

Espresso Macchiato
Espresso with a small amount of steamed milk foam on the top.

Espresso Ristretto
A short-pull expresso, an expresso made with less water, rendering it thicker and more flavorful than a regular espresso.

Espresso Roast
Sometimes referred to as Continental or European Roast.

Espresso Romano
Espresso served with a slice of lemon on the side.

Specialty coffees are often identified by Estate name rather than the regional or market name. Estate coffees are grown on mediun-sized farms, rather than small farms or plantations, dedicated to producing specific types of coffees according to high quality standards.

Ethiopia Ghimbi
A washed varietal from the western region of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Harrar, Harar
A dry-processed coffee from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Sidamo
A washed coffee from Ethiopia known for its sweet flavor and floral aroma.

Ethiopia Yergacheffe
A medium-bodied coffee from Ethiopia also known for its sweet flavor and aroma.

Ethiopian Coffee
Since antiquity, Ethiopia, has produced a rich variety of coffees-from the floral, wineryness of the Harrars in eastern Ethiopia to the fragrant and spicy Yrgacheffes in the south. The heritage of Ethiopian coffees is unsurpassed in the world.

European preparation
The process of hand-preparing coffee through which imperfect beans, pebbles, and other foreign matter are removed.

A blend of two Colombian coffees that combines the supremo (best) and extra (second-best) coffee grades to produce a comprehensively better medium blend.

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