Jamaica Blue Mountain
One of the most respected coffees in the world from the Blue Mountain District of Jamaica. Grown on estates at over 3,000 feet, this premium coffee is full-bodied, rich in flavor, and has a sophisticated, smooth acidity.

Jamaica High Mountain
This coffee is grown in the mountains of Jamaica and exported under the name of High Mountain Supreme or Blue Mountain Valley. Both are excellent coffees, although less distinguished than true Jamaica Blue Mountain.

Jamaican Style
A blend of Jamaica Blue Mountain and other coffees that tries to simulate the richness of Jamaica Blue Mountain at lower cost.

A light-bodied, earthy, medium acid straight coffee from Java, also called Java Arabica. At its best, it offers the low-toned richness characteristic of Indonesian and New Guinea coffees, only lighter.

Java Coffee
Java coffee is grown in Indonesia and the Pacific. The best Java coffee is grown on the far eastern end of the island on five estates established by the Dutch government.

One of the best coffees from Nicaragua.

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