Is one of several types of coffee beverages made with hot milk. The term is from the Italian “caffè e latte” (commonly “caffè latte”), for “coffee and milk,” analogous to the French “café au lait.” As the term has come to be used in the United States since approximately 1985, a latte consists of one or two shots of espresso and about three times as much hot milk, topped with a small amount of milk froth. A latte has more milk than a cappuccino, and has a weaker, milkier taste. Lattes should be prepared by pouring milk and coffee simultaneously, from either side of the drinking vessel, which ideally should be a tall, ceramic mug.

Latte Macchiato
Hot milk froth with a shot of espresso slowly poured into it, to create a swirl of dark in the glass.

A good low-acid, washed coffee from Ethiopia.

Also known as Mandheling, Lintong is the market name for this premium coffee from Sumatra.

Longberry Harrar
A grade of Harrar coffee from Ethiopia with beans that are larger than Shortberry Harrar. It is debatable whether the bean size affects the final brewed coffee taste.

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