Glossary Of Coffee Terms

This tasting term describes coffees that are complex, but where no one element overshadows the others.

An estate grown Santos coffee from Brazil.

Low-acid coffee from the Dominican Republic.

Considered the best coffee from the Dominican Republic.

Batch Roaster
A roaster that processes a set quantity, or batch, of coffee beans at a time.

A mixture of two or more types of coffee beans, often containing beans grown in different countries. A good blend will yield a balance of contrasting qualities for a complex, flavorful result.

Blue Mountain...


Glossary Of Coffee Terms

An important category used by professional tasters in judging coffee; a fine coffee should have a pleasant tartness, but not be so acidic as to be bitter.

Aged Coffee
Coffee that is maintained in special warehouses for several years in order to reduce acidity and increase body. Aged coffee, also known as vintage coffee, is warehoused longer than old crop or mature coffees.

Amaretto Coffee
The infusion of wonderful and authentic amaretto liquor aroma and flavor to freshly roasted coffee beans. Normally up to 3% by weight. A desert coffee to be enjoyed anytime.

American Roast
Standard American (that is, United States) medium...

How To Select A Coffee Supplier

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Objectives of the Selection Process

The objective of the selection process is simply to identify the best-qualified coffee service provider that meets the needs of the company. When selecting a service provider, there are some key questions you should have answered and observations you can make. It is very important that the company keep in mind that the service provider isn't doing the company a favor. Rather, both parties need to treat the relationship as an equal partnership. The service provider needs to show that it clearly understands the company's needs and that the service provider will be responsive to those needs. The selection process also should be cost effective, efficient,...