Dark Brown Roast
Characteristics include oily beans with a distinctive bittersweet tang; low acid.

Dark Roast
A general term describing any roast of coffee darker than American Roast.

Decaffeination is the process of removing most of the caffeine that naturally occurs in coffee. There are three methods of decaffeination: the solvent-water method, the Swiss water process method, and the carbon dioxide method. While chemicals are used to decaffeinate most coffee, the Swiss Water Process uses only water. Water decaffeination results in great tasting coffee. The use of chemicals could distort the true coffee flavor.

Djimah, Djimma, Jimma
A coffee from Ethiopia. When washed, it is an excellent low-acid coffee. The dry-processed version imparts a less appealing, medicinal flavor.

Dominican Republic
High-grown Barahona, considered the best of the Dominican coffees, is both rich and acidic, comparable to premium Jamaican coffees. Other Dominican coffees, such as Bani and Ocoa, are softer and mellower, like the better known Haitian coffees.

A spring-loaded device on specialized espresso grinders that dispenses single servings of ground coffee.

Drip Brewing
Drip brew is a method for brewing coffee which involves pouring water over coffee contained in a paper filter. Water seeps through the coffee, absorbing its oils and essences, solely under gravity then passes through the bottom of the filter. The used coffee grounds are retained in the filter with the liquid falling (dripping) into a collecting vessel such as a carafe or pot. Drip brewing is the most popular method of coffee brewing, owing to the overwhelming popularity of the automatic drip brewing coffee machine. There are, however, several manual drip-brewing devices on the market, offering a little more control over brewing parameters than automatic machines.

Dry Method
A coffee processing method that involves removing the husk or fruit after the coffee berries have been dried, also known as the Natural method. The result is often inferior to washed coffee or coffee that is wet-processed.

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