The finest Ugandan Arabica, Bugishu, is similar but less admired than the finest Kenyan, Tanzanian, and Zimbabwe coffees due to its generally lighter body and less complex flavor.

Vacuum Filter Method
A method of brewing coffee in which the brewing water is drawn down through the ground coffee by means of a vacuum.

Varietal Character
The tasting term that describes the positive characteristics that distinguish a given coffee from coffees of other regions.

Pure, unblended, single-origin coffees from a particular country or geographical region. The name of a varietal often includes the estate name. As with wine appellations, the varietal system suggests what kind of soil, climate and cultivation methods were used.

This straight coffee from Venezuela includes Tachira and Cucuta coffees, which resemble Colombian coffees. In contrast, Merida stands out for its light body and sweetness.

Viennese Roast
A light dark roast, darker than American Roast, considered the most common specialty roast.

Vietnamese Style Coffee
Is another form of drip brew. In this form, hot water is allowed to drip though a metal mesh into a cup with the resulting strong brew being poured over ice into a glass containing sweetened condensed milk. Due to the high volume of coffee grounds required to make strong coffee in this fashion the brewing process is quite slow.

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